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youtube converter is a handy tool allowing you to download videos from various streaming websites. You will get a possibility to save videos from the most popular online services like Youtube, Google Videos and many more in various formats, including .mov, .flv, .mpg, .avi and .wmv.

All those websites are excellent streaming services that make you able to watch videos hosted on their servers. Unfortunately, they won't let you download them. Here comes, offering to help and save videos with one click using only your browser.

Why would you need to download video?

There might be different reasons — for example, you may find an interesting video at Youtube which you want to have at your hard drive to later share with someone, watch it later when offline, or just keep for a collection. But Youtube won't allow its visitors to download the videos, only upload them or send a link to the others to invite them visit Youtube to watch the videos. This may become a problem for you, as the video you like may be removed due to different reasons, including copyright infringement, so why not save it before it's gone?

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