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Want to see your ad at TakeYouTube?
TakeYouTube is the leading free service for downloading videos from various streaming websites, accounting for 100,000 visitors every day for now and rapidly developing, offering new services to its visitors. If you want your advertisement to be displayed on our website, mail your information to takeutube@gmail.com. Don`t forget to indicate "Advertising" in the subject of the e-mail so we could forward it to our advertising department right away.

Streaming service not supported or videos not downloaded from supported links?
If you can`t download videos from a popular streaming site or want TakeYouTube to start supporting a service you usually use, mail your request to: takeutube@gmail.com, and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Indicate your problem at the subject field to help up process you e-mail quicker.

Know how to extract videos from not supported streaming website?
You can help TakeYouTube and everyone around the world to enjoy the saved videos from various websites that our service doesn`t currently support. Share your own knowledge of how to extract .flv files from the site with the help of only .php scripts, mailing your suggestions to takeutube@gmail.com, and millions of people will be grateful for your assistance.

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