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Kopier linken på siden med video på den og lim den inn over.


Q: Which streaming services can I download videos from using your service?
A: TakeYouTube supports great number of websites, including the most popular YouTube, Google Video, MegaVideo, Facebook, Vimeo and also Dailymotion, Photobucket, Metacafe, and many more! Just try to paste the link to the video you need into the TakeYouTube downloading field to see if you can download it.

Q: I have downloaded video through TakeYouTube, but it`s of unknown extension or .htm. How can I rename it to .flv?
A: To rename the received file to .flv, you simply need to find where this file was downloaded to and change its extension (it`s usually .htm) to .flv. In case the file doesn`t have any extension at all, type in .flv at the end of its filename. But sometimes you won`t see the extension because you have the option "Hide extensions" enables in you OS preferences. So, to see the file with .htm extension, you would need to disable that option first. In any open folder choose "Tools" from the main panel, go to "Folder Options" and select "View" tab there. You will see the list of preferences, where you need to scroll down to somewhere in the middle to find the option "Hide extensions for known file types." To disable the option, uncheck the box in front of it. Save changed preferences by clicking "OK", and look at the files in the folder - they all should have three-symbols extensions of .*** format at the end of the filename. Find the file you look for and rename it to .flv.

Q: I have successfully downloaded video through your service. Now, how do I play it?
A: If your file`s extension is already .flv, it can be played back by VLC Player or FLV Player. You can also try to open the file with your favorite player.

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